In the game of high school football, teams give helmet stickers to reward players for excellent plays, academic success and weightlifting achievements. Well, the Rob, Ben & Joe Show wanted to highlight players on an elevated level. So, we decided to give helmet stickers of our own! After a whimsical texting session with as many coaches as we could reach, we asked if they would allow us to highlight players based on the coach's games stats and reward those players with helmet stickers on our radio show. The coaches unanimously agreed and so it began! We recognize all three phases of the game, offense, defense and special teams. The players receive a player/school personalized award and a helmet sticker to place on their helmet. They then join an elite club of players that specifically standout statewide as a recipient of a Rob, Ben & Joe helmet sticker.


The Rob, Ben & Joe Show picks top performers from around the state of Georgia on every Friday night. As coaches call our show, we encourage them to have players and stats in mind from all three phases of the game. When the coaches share, which they all do, we take notes and in the 11pm hour of the show award those helmet stickers to a player or players from all three phases. We then mail those actual helmet stickers along with certificates of award to the players chosen each week. The coaches, players and schools share images and videos on social media for us (@rbjshow IG/Twitter) to share with our audiences. As the season progresses the school that garners the most helmet stickers will receive a championship belt which belongs to that school for the next year! The first-year winner of the Rob, Ben & Joe Championship Belt was Wilcox County Patriots.


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